Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents are extremely important in any residential or commercial property with a laundry facility. Dryer vents allow your dryer(s) to exhaust hot, moist air to the outside, preventing heat buildup inside your building and allowing the dryer to operate at peak efficiency. Dirty dryer vents are a major source of energy waste and a serious fire hazard. Air Guys LLC of Reno Nevada offers dryer vent cleaning for residential and commercial properties.



Contrary to popular belief, dryer lint traps don’t catch all of the lint generated during a laundry cycle. A third of the lint generated makes it past the filters, and ends up inside your dryer vent. Inside the vent, that lint combines with moist, hot air to create a mixture that clings to the inside of your dryer vent. That lint mixture builds up over time, leading to problems.



Your dryer isn’t designed to work against a clogged dryer vent. If dryer vents are not regularly cleaned, a variety of negative impacts can present themselves:

A clogged dryer vent resists the flow of exhaust. This causes the dryer to get hotter than it’s designed to, placing undue stress on every component inside the dryer. This can lead to a shortened appliance lifespan and increased repair costs.

A dirty dryer vent keeps the dryer from operating at peak efficiency. Every time you have to re-start a dryer to finish drying laundry, excess energy is used.

The excess heat resulting from uncleaned dryer vents is particularly dangerous because it can cause a dryer to catch fire without warning. Dryer fires can spread through dryer vents and laundry facilities extremely fast, and occur in homes and businesses thousands of times every year.



We recommend that home and commercial laundry facility owners clean dryer vents regularly. Light-use laundry facilities can rely on an annual cleaning, but facilities with heavy use, such as those in prisons, laundromats, and dorms should have vents cleaned quarterly. In between regularly scheduled cleanings, you can follow these best practices to prevent dirty dryer vents from putting your appliances, family, and employees in danger.

Avoid fabric softening sheets. These sheets release a film into dryer exhaust that causes lint to become more thick and sticky, increasing lint buildup rates.

Don’t overload your dryers. Overloading a dryer increases the amount of lint that bypasses the lint trap.
Inspect your vents. Look behind your dryer and on the outside end of your dryer vent for any evidence of excess lint buildup.