Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Do you need Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services in or around Reno?

Air Guys LLC is uniquely composed of experienced hood cleaners and kitchen exhaust specialists who have been working in the trenches for years, dealing with all models and types of hoods on the market. They have worked in restaurants, hotels, schools, churches, and any other kind of commercial kitchen you can imagine. Call us now at (775)224-3073 for a free quote.

They make sure that your kitchen exhaust system is thoroughly cleaned before they leave so you can keep fire hazards and other potential dangers at bay.

Grease and similar liquid waste will be removed and sent to recycling facilities along with filter cleaning. We make sure that you comply with all the city ordinances and state regulations while avoiding risks such as overflow and fire.

Doing business with us is the insurance to deal with fully licensed, bonded, and insured workers who know the industry from the inside.


Hire A Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner You Can Count On

High-quality is the norm with us: we have stricter standards than most similar companies and we make sure that you receive the best possible service every single time.

Our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaners are here to serve and will go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results every time they come to your kitchen. What is better than a spotless kitchen for a restaurant?

Our experienced technicians have received top quality in-house training and they are ready to perform high-level hood cleanings in the entire Reno Nevada area.

You have never seen your kitchen exhaust system so clean before! We are specialized in removing all types of grease and use top-notch equipment and protective gear. The goal is to be efficient, fast, and reliable which means that you get the same, consistent, level of service whenever we come to clean your hood, vents, and exhausts.

If you are in the hospitality industry, chances are that you have regular needs in terms of hood cleaning. That’s when our service and maintenance contracts come handy: you can get our team to come to you on a regular basis and at a preferential rate.

We are a favorite Reno Nevada hood cleaner and we are always happy to help you deal with your problems of grease buildup. You just have to give us a quick call to let us know when you need professional assistance. With a network of top-notch contractors and experienced technicians, we can proudly say that hood cleaning is our only focus and specialty. Which is probably why we do it so well.

It is recommended to perform hood cleaning at least every three to six months to ensure optimal kitchen performance. If your business matches the criteria to be considered a very high volume cooking restaurant, a monthly cleaning is even better. For other types of cooking operations such as wok cooking, charbroiling, or 24-hour cooking, a quarterly cleaning is generally enough to stay safe.

Our team is comprised of qualified servicemen is ready for any type of intervention and can deal with businesses of any size. You can get a free, no obligation, quote today just by calling us and talking to our operators. Call us now at  (775)224-3073 for a free quote.